What if Facebook or Twitter closed tomorrow and you lost all of your content?

If you’re like me, I would be very stressed out and upset because I would lose all of my content I put out there and also lose the connections I made.

Today’s blog post is going to show you how to backup your social media profiles.

Downloading your social media profiles, content and contacts puts your mind at ease because you know you have what you need in order to move forward in your business.

Why you need to backup your content

You never know when social media profiles may crash or close down or the server hosting your website and blog may crash.  Downloading your information to the cloud or a flash drive will help ensure that all of your content is safe.  Now, I did say flash drive because you never know when your computer may crash.  I don’t save any of my work information on my computer anymore because my computer did crash years ago and I lost everything. 

If you start backing up your info now, you’ll be in a better place. 

How and what to save?

Save your blog posts: the next time you write a blog post, save the final version in a Word document or in Google Docs.  This is something I started to do a couple of months ago and it’s been great.

By backing up your blog content, you are creating a library of topics that you have published.  Not only have you published them on your website, you can now make videos on those topics.  It’s called repurposing your content.

As a way to get more readers, I just started doing a Facebook Live introducing the blog post and what my readers can expect.  I also tell them what I am going to be blogging about next week.  I can then share it to Facebook Groups (that allow it) and to my personal Facebook profile.

Another way to get more readers is by publishing your blog posts on LinkedIn Publisher.  Not only will you get more visibility to your content, you’ll also make sure that if one website goes down, your followers can always find your content somewhere else.

Backup your photos and videos from your mobile device: What do you do after using an image or video on your social media? Are you backing those things up to use at a later time (repurpose)?

You want to make sure you are saving those things not only to your smartphone but also an SD card.  Once your SD card is full, you can hook that up to your computer and save those items to your flash drive or the cloud.

After doing a Facebook Live or Instagram video, you have the option to save those.  Make sure you do because then you can repurpose those in a blog post or newsletter.

Download social media profiles and pages: most social media networks allow you to download your profiles and pages.

Facebook Personal Profile

Step 1: Click on the down arrow next to your Facebook Notifications & click on Settings

Facebook Backup

Step 2: Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data

Facebook Backup

Step 3: Click on Start My Archive

Facebook Backup

Step 4: Enter your password

Step 5: Click on Start My Archive – you will then see that Facebook is gathering your info and will email you when they are done

Facebook Backup

Step 6: Check your email – you’ll get a notification saying you requested a download

Step 7: In a bit, check your email again for the link where you can download your content

Facebook Backup

Step 8: Click on Download Archive, enter your password, and download your archive.

When you unzip the download, you will see three folders – html, photos, & videos.  You ‘ll also see an index.html file.  When you click on that, you will see a text-based version of your profile data.  This is how Facebook sees your profile.

Facebook Business Page

Step 1: Go to your business page and click on Settings at the top

Step 2: Under the General tab, scroll down to the bottom and click on Download Page two times

Facebook Backup

Step 3: Click on Get Started, Start Downloading, and Okay.  You’ll then receive an email confirming your request.

When the download is ready, you’ll receive a Facebook Notification.  The download of your page will have more files than your download for your personal profile.  Unfortunately, you won’t get a list of your fans.  Instead, you will get engagement information, such as comments on photos.

Step 4: Click on Download Page, enter your password, and click the link to download

Twitter Profile

Step 1: Click on your picture at the top right and click on Settings and privacy

Twitter Backup

Step 2: Click on Your Twitter data and enter your password

Twitter Backup

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Twitter Archive (download your entire Tweet history)

Twitter Backup

Step 4: Click on Request your archive

Twitter Backup

You will get a notification that a link will be emailed to you when your archive is ready.  Click the Download now button, Download and then save it to your computer.  You will see stats from your first tweet to your most recent.  You can also get all of your tweets in a CSV file.

Twitter Backup

Twitter Backup

LinkedIn Profile

Step 1: Click on Me under your profile picture at the top right and click on Settings & Privacy

LinkedIn Backup

Step 2: Under the Account tab, scroll down and click Getting an archive of your data

LinkedIn Backup

Step 3: Decide which type of backup you want – Fast file only or Fast file plus other data.  I suggest getting the Fast file plus.

Step 4: Enter your password

When you get your file, everything will be condensed to CSV files.

Pinterest Boards & Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to backup your Pinterest account.  I did a Google search and found a few different options.

Option 1: Use If This Then That (www.ifttt.com) and create an Applet OR use this one.

Option 2: Install DownAlbum into your Google Chrome Browser (you can also use this for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).  Once installed go to a Pinterest Board you want to save or your Instagram Profile, click on the icon in your Google Extension area, click Normal, and you will see a popup with the progress.  A new page will open and all you have to do is press Ctrl + S on your keyboard to save the HTML page.

Pinterest Backup


Pinterest Backup


Pinterest Backup

This may take you a bit of time, especially Pinterest, but you won’t be sorry.  Just knowing all of my content is safe makes me sleep better at night! Set a reminder to backup your social media profiles every quarter.

In my next blog post, I am going to talk about how to spring clean your blog and social media.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media!

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How To Backup Your Social Media Content

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