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Build Awareness

Maybe your brand isn’t a household name, like Starbucks.  By using social media, you can get in front of more prospective customers.

When creating your social media networks, you want to make sure your company logo and bio are consistent across all of them.  Try and have the same look and feel of your website.

One way to build awareness is through advertising.  Each social network has different ad options that help target the prospects who will most likely click through and get to know you.  Give it a try on Facebook for as little as $20 an ad and see what happens.

Another way to build awareness is by developing social content that speaks to your audience.  Knowing who your target market is will not only help you choose which networks to focus your time on, but will also guide you in the right direction when it comes to the type of content to share.

For more information on how Savvy Social Media can help you grow your business, click here.