Ever wonder why you see some Facebook Pages with a check mark (either gray or blue)? The check marks mean that those pages or profiles have been verified.

The blue verification check mark means that Facebook has confirmed that the page or profile is authentic for public figures, media companies or brands.

Facebook Verified Page

The gray verification check mark means Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of a page for the specific business or organization.

Facebook Verified Page

Today’s blog post is going to show you how to get the gray check mark for your business page.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits.

  1. Shows people that your Facebook page is legitimate and not fake
  2. Adds credibility to your business page
  3. It’s great for customer service because people will know they are in the right place
  4. Your Facebook page will rank higher in search results

Now, let’s get your page verified!

  • Click Settings at the top of your page

Facebook Page Settings

  • Make sure you are on the General Tab, click Edit next to Page Verification, and click Verify this Page

Facebook Page Verification

  • Enter a publicly listed Business Phone Number and click Call Me Now

  • Facebook will then call you with a verification code
  • Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue

If all goes well, you’ll see a message saying your page has been verified.  Once you go back to your Facebook page, you will notice the gray check mark next to your business name.  The gray check mark will also appear in Facebook search results.

If you prefer to verify your page with a business document, follow the steps above and click on Verify this Page with documents instead at the bottom left.  Then you can upload a picture of an official document showing your business’s name and address.

In my next blog post, I am going to show you how to link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Business Page.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media!

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How To Verify Your Facebook Page

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