Can you imagine what life would be like without social media? Do you worry about our kids growing up in a different world than how we were brought up?

It’s no surprise that in this day and age, social media plays a huge part in how we live our lives.  We have to come to the realization that social media is here to stay and will only get better.

With that being said, do you know how to market to the different generations on social media? In this blog post, I am going to help you understand where the different generations are hanging out and what you need to know when it comes to marketing to them.

Here are findings from the Sprout Social Index and Citipost Mail:


Millennials ages 18-34

How to market to different generations

  • 30% of Millennials engage with a brand on social media at least once a month
  • 58.9% of Millennials follow a brand before purchasing a product
  • Millennials are twice as likely as any other generation to turn to social media, rather than phone or email, to communicate with a brand
  • 38% of Millennials follow brands for entertainment value
  • 41% of Millennials use Facebook every day
  • 34% of younger Millennials (ages 18-24) use Instagram daily….
  • Compared to only 25% of older Millennials (ages 25-34)
  • 59% only watch social media ads until they can skip them
  • 5 out of 6 use social media as a first choice when contacting a business
  • 88% that use Facebook rely on it as a primary news source
  • There are 87 million Millennials on LinkedIn, accounting for 38% of its user base

What this means for you: If your target audience includes marketing to millennials this can be challenging since it’s nearly impossible to be everywhere. What you should do to reach this demographic:

  • Get clear on why you’re trying to reach this audience and what your goals are for targeting this age group
  • Strategize and plan using one of the social networks your target group prefers
  • Focus on influence by getting brand advocates as they find this more trustworthy and memorable
  • Tap into subjects they care about as they are idealistic and vocal about these
  • Millennials rely on ratings and reviews to make a decision about a company or product
  • Focus on providing added value
  • Adjust your strategy based on results


Gen Xers ages 34-54

How to market to different generations

  • Gen Xers spend more time on social media than Millennials
  • They account for 36% of all pinners on Pinterest
  • They spend an average of 6 hours 58 minutes per week on Facebook
  • Only 8% actively use Instagram
  • 58% use YouTube ~ 79% will download or stream video online
  • More likely to follow a brand for contests, deals, and promotions
  • Nearly 160% more likely than the other generations to unfollow a brand that says something offensive or in opposition to their personal beliefs
  • On a monthly basis, 32% of Gen Xers engage with a brand they follow
  • Prefer to access social media between 8 pm and midnight

Biggest takeaway: Nearly 7 in 10 Gen Xers will likely purchase something from a brand they follow.

What this means for you: Even though each generation may opt-in to a brand’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile before making a purchase, it doesn’t mean they’re seeking out the same social content.

Knowing that Gen Xers are offended easily, it’s a good idea to edit humor and entertainment-type posts with an eagle eye.

  • Gen Xers have the second largest disposable income
  • Indulge their need for nostalgia and comfort
  • Use visually engaging and vibrant video-based content
  • Avoid polls and quizzes
  • Provide straightforward click-through links to websites
  • They are the most likely to share content so always include a call-to-action
  • They also prefer to use a computer over smart devices


Baby Boomers ages 55+

How to market to different generations

  • Baby Boomers are looking for a healthy mix of deals, promotions, and information
  • Only 54% have a smartphone
  • 38% more likely to interact with a poll or questionnaire
  • 58% are more likely to visit a company’s website after encountering them on social media
  • 16% spend 11 hours or more on Facebook every week
  • 84% prefer Facebook
  • Only 5% use Twitter
  • 91% belong to at least one social media platform
  • 95% use email to communicate
  • 51% of Baby Boomers will likely make a purchase from a brand they follow

What this means for you: Appeal to their need for information with a “Did You Know” series that provides stats or not-well-known facts.

  • Use interactive content such as quizzes to encourage them to get involved
  • Engage with relevant content with offers information
  • Encourage newsletter signups
  • Use slower, more informative video content

In Conclusion….

Choosing the right way to market to each generation is imperative.  Using the above statistics and tips will help you in developing quality content that is engaging and relevant for each generation.

For the month of October, I am going to be blogging about how each social media platform is not created equal.  I will start with LinkedIn, so watch out for that series to start October 3rd.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media!

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How to market to different generations on social media

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