When I present on LinkedIn in front of business professionals and talk about publishing posts, I get blank stares.  Most people don’t know they could write articles on LinkedIn.  In my eyes, it’s like blogging but on LinkedIn.  It’s another way to grow your reach and show business professionals you are the expert in your field.

In today’s blog, I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, what I do when I publish posts.

Step 1: The first thing I do is write my blog in WordPress and schedule it to post on a Monday.

Step 2: Once my blog has posted on a Monday, I will then go and publish a post on Tuesday morning between 10:00 and 11. Research shows you can get the most reach on LinkedIn by sharing on Tuesday between 10-11am. Click To Tweet  To see when you should be sharing to other social media platforms, click here.

When you are ready to publish a post, go to your LinkedIn homepage and click on Write an article under your photo and name.

Publishing Posts on LinkedIn

Next, you want to upload an image that represents the article you are writing about.  What I do is create an image and attach my branding to it (my logo).  That way, my brand is in front of everyone.



Next, insert the tile of the article (I just copy and paste from my blog).

Insert your content where it says Start writing.  Again, I just copy and paste my content and insert my images where they belong.  This saves you a lot of time because you are not re-writing anything.

To insert an image, video, slides, or to embed something, click on the box with a + sign and choose what you are adding.

PublishingPostOnLinkedIn9 PublishingPostOnLinkedIn10

Once you are happy with the way your article looks, hit the Publish button.

Then you can tell your network what your article is about and something that is NEW, you can use hashtags (#) like you would on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure you have the content you want because that is how your post will appear in the LinkedIn feed.  Then hit Publish.


Step 3: Once my article is published, I then make sure to go and share it to my LinkedIn Groups.  Why? Because this is your chance to reach those people not in your network.  Not only are you reaching a lot more people than normal, you are showing people you are the expert in your field.

In order to share your article to groups, all you have to do is hit the arrow icon next to your name, click on LinkedIn, uncheck Share an Update, and check Post to Groups.

Publishing Posts on LinkedIn

Then you enter a title that is going to grab people’s attention and enter the Groups you want to share to.  If you’re like me and have numerous groups, I start typing the first letter of the alphabet and select my groups that way because I may not be sharing to all of my groups.

Once you are done selecting the Groups you want to share to, hit the Share button.

Publishing Posts on LinkedIn

Bonus Step: As you may have noticed when you hit the arrow to share after publishing your article, you can also share to Facebook and Twitter right from LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is offering you two other ways to share your article, so make sure to take advantage of that.

The more you blog and write articles on LinkedIn, the easier this will get, I promise!

Comment below if you have done this before! Have you had success with it?

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Publishing Posts on LinkedIn

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