Have you ever found something on a Facebook Page that you wanted to share at a later date? Well, now you can!!!!

Here’s what you should do first – Like and subscribe to updates from other Pages so you have great content in your news feed.  You can also Like Pages as your Page and then look at that Page Feed to see what those Pages have been posting.

In fact, this should be a part of your daily routine because no matter what you may have heard, sharing other people’s content is a great idea.

How to see your Pages Feed and Like other Pages as your Page:

Scroll down your business page and click on See Pages Feed on the right-hand side

Facebook See Pages Feed

Once there, you can see what Pages are sharing (once you have Liked them as your Page).

You can also Like Other Pages as your Page by clicking the green button at the top.

Facebook Like Other Pages As Your Page

After clicking that button, start typing the name of the Facebook Page you want to follow as your business page. Select the Page and click Save.  That Page will be added to your list of Liked Pages.

You can even Unfollow Pages that don’t interest you anymore.  All you have to do is click on Pages liked by this Page and a new window will open.  Then click Liked as Your Page and click Unlike as Your Page.

Now that you have a growing list of Pages you like, let’s find something you want to share.

First, make sure to read the article that you may be sharing.  You want to make sure it is going to be useful and engaging to your audience.

Next, right click on the Time/Date and select Copy Link Address

Facebook Sharing Others Content

Go back to your Page and paste that address into a new status update.  Facebook will automatically pull in the post as a preview.

Facebook Sharing Others Content

Delete the URL in the status box and replace it with your text – you can talk about why your audience wants to read this post (it’s good to mention the other Page by typing the @ and the Page’s name).

At the bottom of your post, you will see a blue Publish button.  Click on the down arrow and choose Schedule.

Pick the day and time you want this post to share and click on Schedule.

It’s that simple  😀 

In Conclusion….

I understand how hard it is to find content and share it on a consistent basis.  Once you grow your list of Pages Liked, you have a ton of content worth sharing.

In my next blog post, I am going to talk about mistakes businesses make when it comes to social media.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media

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How To Share Someone Else’s Facebook Post & Schedule It

by Michelle Arbore time to read 2 min