Every social media profile is crowded, so sharing at the right time will give you a better chance of your posts reaching your audience.

While it does depend on who your audience is, there are some general times for when to share.

We are going to start with Facebook:

Go to your Facebook Business Page and click on Insights.  To see what days and times your audience is on, click Posts on the left-hand side.  Here you will see a weeks’ worth of information, including when your fans are online (days and times), the success of post types based on average reach and engagement, and top posts from pages you watch.  This information may not change from day to day, but it doesn’t hurt to look at it daily.  You should be looking at this information at least once a week.  For example, the biggest day my audience is on is Friday’s at 4:00 pm.  When I go to schedule something, I will make sure to do it on that day and time.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

While you are in your Insights, you should look at your demographics.  By clicking People on the left-hand side, you will be able to see how many women and men follow you as well as their age, location, and language.   You can see how many of them are your fans, how many of them saw your posts, and how many of them engaged with your posts.

Next, we’ll look at Twitter:

You could try looking at your Twitter Analytics, but they are nothing like Facebook’s.  With Twitter, you can see how many Tweets you’ve done in the last 28 days, your Tweet impressions, Profile visits, Mentions, and Followers.  Based on those numbers, you can see if you have gone up or dropped from the previous 28 days.  It also shows you your top Tweet for each month as well as your top mention, top media Tweet, and your top follower.  Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not show you days and times of when your audience is on.

Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer automate the process of finding the best times to tweet.  With Buffer, add links to the queue and it will take care of the rest.  It posts based on a profile’s past 5,000 interactions and profiles like it.  Installing the Buffer Chrome Extension simplifies adding items to your queue because you can simply click on the extension from the page you are already on.  There is no need to visit Buffer to schedule the post.

Other social media networks:

As far as the other social media profiles, following general timing guidelines will be helpful.  There is no shortage of advice, so I’m including a couple of FREE gifts for you.  The first one is a print-out that you can keep on your desk for when you are scheduling your social media.  The other one is an Infographic I created.  Feel free to share!

Share this Image On Your Site

In my next blog post, I am going to talk about how to find free images on Google.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media!

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