With first impressions going a long way, especially right now, don’t you want to make a great one?

There are a few reasons you should be using your LinkedIn profile more now than ever:

  1. We can’t network in person because of COVID
  2. Job interviews are happening on-line

Because of that, you should want a professional looking LinkedIn profile.

Here are steps you can take right now to a better LinkedIn profile.

Choose the right profile picture

Your profile picture should portray you in a professional manner but still show you as personable. You want to use a good, close-up picture that stands out, while making it unique to you in a professional manner. Make sure your profile picture is recent and looks like you.

Read “What you need to do for your LinkedIn Profile Picture” here.

Add a cover photo

Just like Facebook, you can now have a cover photo on our LinkedIn profile. Have this photo grab people’s attention, show more about what matters to you, showcase your work, etc. This will help you stand out and engage your audience.

Learn more here.

Your headline should tell people how you help them

Your LinkedIn headline is the MOST important part of your profile, along with your profile picture. Your headline lets everyone know at a glance exactly what you do – and for whom. It establishes credibility very quickly.

The job of your headline is to grab your potential customers attention right away. Then they’ll want to learn more by clicking on your profile.

Once reserved for a simple title, like CEO, the headline is now a space where you can really sell yourself and your services.

Tell your story

The About section is one of the first things people will read to learn more about you and what you offer. They really want to learn how you can help them. Don’t make the mistake of writing your about section like a resume. Show that potential client why you’re someone worth knowing.

The about section gives people a chance to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you. It should be client focused and include your keywords. It should speak directly to your target market. It can only be 2000 characters long so make sure your potential clients know they are in the right place and that you are the person who can help them with their specific problems.

List your relevant skills

Have skills that are relevant to you. This helps to show people more of what you offer, and how you can help them. Your connections can then endorse you for these skills. These skills will also help you get found easier when people are searching for what you offer. Think of these skills and keywords.

Spotlight your services

You can now spotlight your services. It’s located under your profile picture and headline. Filling this section out can boost your visibility in search results.

Request recommendations

Think of recommendations as a testimonial. Recommendations can illustrate how you helped someone or how it was working with you. Think about who you would most value a recommendation from and ask them. Make sure to personalize your request.

Share relevant content on your feed

What can you share that adds value to your connections? You want to share content that represents you as a person and your company. Share content that is valuable, educational, and that also inspires and motivates. Just don’t over share – share at least once a day.

Participate in the conversation

Sharing content is great, but you want to like, comment, and share other’s content. Scroll through your news feed everyday and start participating.

Publish articles

Articles are like blogging, but for LinkedIn. Once you publish your articles, make sure to share them to your profile as well as to your LinkedIn Groups. You will reach hundreds, if not thousands of people that you are not connected to. They can then connect with your or follow you.

As you can see, it doesn’t really take a lot of work to having a better LinkedIn profile. One thing to remember is to be consistent. You should be on LinkedIn every day doing something to improve your profile.

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10 Steps To A Better LinkedIn Profile

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