Answer these questions....

  • Are you where you want to be professionally?
  • Does your business need a good kick in the butt?
  • Do you want to start the New Year off right?



If you answered YES to any or all of the questions above, then you need to join this challenge!

By joining, your business should be more streamlined, organized, and running better than when you started.  Then you will be able to focus on getting more sales and growing your business.

During this challenge you will be able to join our Private Facebook Group and have the chance to get support, as well as extra BONUSES.

Keep reading to see what we will cover during these 30 days and to register.






November 1st - November 30th

In the comfort of your home

Daily emails with worksheets and tasks

Here's what you get....

  • Daily emails guiding you through the challenge
  • Private Facebook Group where you'll find BONUS worksheets, guidance & support
  • Supportive Community


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DAY 30:

Having Goals

Creating or updating your website


Social Media

How To Get A Vision For Your Social Media






Facebook Groups


Creating Your Free Offer

Getting a Subscriber List

Writing a great bio

Creating a One-Sheet

Creating a Proposal for Speaking

Education is key

Get known through networking

Making some connections

Using a calendar and scheduling software

Taking control of your Inbox

Keeping lists

Getting organized

Are you ready for a disaster?

Having a support system and mentor

Learn to outsource

Keep track of your income and expenses

Tax write-offs

Favorite Resources




Register by October 30th OR you'll have to wait till next year!


30 Day Business Challenge


So, the 30 Day Business Challenge is over now.... :(

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle for yet again providing a wonderful plan of how to improve your business.

From things like creating your business plan and keeping your finances recorded to how to use social media to imrpove your visibility, I think Michelle covered a lot over the 30 days.

So thank you for your tireless effort (through sickness and all). Now it is time to put everything into an action plan and to do it.

~ Ian C.

Thank you for everything Michelle! I'm sad that it's over.  You have helped me especially get my social media on track! I also started cleaning up some of my email (personal - the business one is still in pretty good shap).

~ Diana H.

Today I'm the member spotlight of my weekly networking group and deicded to utilize the 'about me' idea, expanded it and turning in into a one sheet and will be handing this out along w/ my PowerPoint presentation.  I am going to start taking that and not only move it into Social Media, but a bit of my marketing.  Thanks Michelle....feeling really good right now.

~ Leona M.


Michelle Arbore

I am the CEO of Savvy Social Media, where I help entrepreneurs and small businesses move past the overwhelm and frustration of social media.  I create customized training to fit your needs, not matter what level your business is at or what industry you are in.  I take you through each step with ease and simplification so you understand this ever-changing social media world.

Because of that, my clients have more time to work on their business and meet new clients, as well as spend more time with the people they love.

I won the 2016 Up & Coming Business Woman Award sponsored by the Rochester Women’s Network and was a finalist for the 2016 Digital Rochester Technology Woman of the Year Award.

I am an International speaker where I present on different aspects of social media.  I have spoken at local networking events, women’s organizations and conferences, numerous chambers of commerce, and have been interviewed for webinars, telesummits, seminars, and podcasts.  I’ve also been published in numerous publications, including a Woman to Watch in my local newspaper and in 3 different city publications of Natural Awakenings (Rochester, Pennsylvania, & Tucson).

On a personal note, I am from Rochester, NY, living with my husband, Aldo, our son, Mikey and our two fur baby cats (Anibel & Mama). I am a survivor of Breast Cancer (diagnosed in October of 2017) and a fighter of Fibromyalgia.

With being a successful business owner and mom, I understand the value of time and it empowers me to give you back yours.  My desire is to help you turn your limitations into strengths, enabling you to have more time to do what you love.

For more information, visit my website by clicking here.

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