LinkedIn is the most valuable, least talked about—and let’s face it, underused—social network available to you. If you’re not using it to find new clients, you’re missing out.

It’s is the world’s largest professional network with more than 660 million members in over 200 countries.

LinkedIn is a way to build your professional identity, discover professional opportunities, business deals and new ventures.  Don’t think of LinkedIn as a resume – instead, think of it as an inbound marketing tool where you can create your own future and tell your story.

It helps to build your credibility and demonstrates your expertise.  With first impressions going a long way, it’s important you get yours right the first time.

The whole part of LinkedIn is to make connections and engage with those connections in a meaningful way.  Unlike Facebook and Twitter where your profiles are based on the content you share, LinkedIn is focused on growing your professional network, build your personal brand and increase your industry knowledge.

LinkedIn is being used by companies in more ways than you can imagine, including social recruiting, public relations, community-building, social selling, social media marketing (including social advertising), and employee advocacy.

It’s the number one channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94% and it makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

So, what problems are destroying your credibility on LinkedIn?

Problem 1: You have little to no presence on LinkedIn

You know you need a LinkedIn presence, but you don’t have the time and maybe you don’t know how to create a great presence.

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Solution: First and necessary step in making sure you are searchable on LinkedIn and Google!

  1. Set aside 1 hour to get started. Put it on your calendar since we follow almost everything on our calendars.
  2. Gather content you can use to create or complete your profile – resume, job description, marketing copy, mission statement, etc.
  3. Create or sign into your account.
  4. Complete your profile so it’s 100% complete.
  5. After an hour, make sure your profile looks professional and then schedule another hour to make adjustments.

Problem 2: You have a presence but it’s old, outdated or incomplete

I have seen so many profiles that have the bare minimum and think that is enough. IT’S NOT!

LinkedIn can give you exposure and access to important people.  It can also help you attract new prospects, keep you in front of existing clients, generate more introductions and referrals.

You want to use your LinkedIn profile as a resource, so people want to keep coming back.

Solution: Lucky for you, I have created a LinkedIn course that walks you through each step on how to create a professional looking profile that people are going to want to visit.

It’s called “LinkedIn How To Make It Rock!” Find our more here. You’ll get videos teaching you every step of the way, the “Get Results With The LinkedIn Planner” workbook, the “How To Get A Vision For Your Social Media” workbook, and printouts helping you not only with LinkedIn, but all social media. PLUS, over $400 in bonuses.

You’ll want to set aside time to work on your profile, and gather any content you can repurpose. Make sure to complete the extra sections to showcase your work, such as Publications, Awards, Organizations, Skills, Contact info, etc. because these areas give you ample opportunity to show people why they should be working with you. Most people skip these sections, but you can increase your credibility.

Problem 3: Your profile is pretty complete, but you have a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, and it’s making you look bad.

Spelling and grammatical errors make you look bad and most likely people are going to want to do business with someone who doesn’t take the time to check everything.

Solution: Write your content in a Word document so you can use the Spelling and Grammar Tool to catch your errors.

Then you can copy and paste your content into the different sections on LinkedIn.

Problem 4: You have something other than your name in the Name Field

If you have something other than your name, that goes against LinkedIn’s End User Agreement and LinkedIn will blacklist you.

Solution: Only put your first and last name as well as any commonly accepted titles like: M.D., MBA, PHD, CFP, etc.

No email addresses, phone numbers, or keywords. Save the keywords for your headline.

Problem 5: You haven’t customized your LinkedIn Profile URL – – instead your link has dashes and numbers –

If you don’t customize your link, you are missing out on Google traffic.

Solution: Get your customized link NOW!

Go to your profile and click on Contact Info under your Headline.

Click on the pencil and click on the Profile URL to edit it. Click the pencil next to your link under the Edit your custom URL on the right hand side.

Type in your whole name, but be aware if your name is a common name, it might not be available. This is where you can be creative but keep your URL as close to your company branding as possible ( If you just want your name, add your middle initial, but no spaces or special characters (

Problem 6: No profile picture

YOU MUST HAVE ONE! If you don’t, people will see that blank silhouette. That is going to send a message that you don’t care enough about yourself or your company. It’s going to show that you don’t care enough to take the time to represent your company in a professional manner. It’s going to show a lack of credibility and people won’t take you seriously. It means a prospective client will pass you by.

Solution: Having a profile picture brings your story to life and lets people know you’re for real.

Your profile picture should portray you in a professional manner. You want to use a good, close-up picture that stands out, and make it unique to you while maintaining a professional appearance.

If you can, get a professional headshot taken by a professional photographer. Your headshot will become a part of your brand, especially if you don’t have a tangible product like myself. Unlike Facebook, where you might be forgiven for using a fun photo, or one with your family or kids in it, LinkedIn is a different culture, and you’ll have better results if you use a photo that’s both on brand and if not professionally shot, at least not a selfie.

Something to remember is that people with a profile picture receive 14 times more profile views and having a profile picture generates more profile views and drives higher overall engagement.

Problem 7: You have no idea on how to find and engage with your ideal prospects on LinkedIn

You know they’re there, but you can’t find them and engage with them.

Solution: Start with researching and getting to know some prospects already in your LinkedIn network

Click on the network icon on the LinkedIn homepage and see who you are already connected to. When was the last time you reached out to them and had a cup of coffee with them to get to know them better on a personal note.

Don’t have many people in your network, then you need to make a list of people you want to connect with.

  • Who’s your ideal client?
  • What business are they in?
  • What title do they hold?
  • What problem do you solve?

LinkedIn provides a great Search option with a lot of advanced filters.

Let’s say I am looking for small business owners in the Rochester, NY area.

  1. I would type in Small Business Owner in the search field at the top of the LinkedIn page
  2. Under Connections, I would select 1st and hit the Apply button (1st so I can see who I already have in my network and reach out to them)
  3. Under Locations, I would start typing Rochester and select the Rochester, New York Area and hit the Apply button

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s Search in my “LinkedIn How To Make It Rock!” Course by clicking here.

Problem 8: You have a great network, but you are not connecting with them by staying in touch.

One thing you have to remember is that all social media is about building that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST.

Solution: Communicate with your network!

Whether it’s sending messages on a regular basis or sharing updates or writing articles on LinkedIn, you have to stay in front of your network. You have to be consistent.

You can do this by repurposing your content, sharing blog posts that you have written, sharing others content, business related articles, articles related to your niche, etc.

Just remember, you want to share content that is relevant to your LinkedIn audience. It’s going to be different for everyone, so know who your audience is.

By being consistent, you will gain that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST and will increase your business.


The best way to grab the attention of your potential clients is to have a presence on LinkedIn and be consistent when it comes to being in front of them. It will pay off in the end.

In my next blog post, I am going to share some LinkedIn tricks you may not be aware of.

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LinkedIn has more than 660 million members in over 200 countries. It’s the most valuable, least talked about, and underused social network available. If you’re not using LinkedIn to find new clients, you’re missing out.

Once you register for this course, you’ll get videos teaching you every step of the way, the “Get Results With The LinkedIn Planner” workbook, the “How to Get a Vision for Your Social Media” workbook, and printouts helping you not only with LinkedIn, but all social media. You’ll also be a part of a closed Facebook Group where you can share your progress, ask for help, and network.

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8 Problems Destroying Your Credibility On LinkedIn

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