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About Michelle Arbore

Recently a client shared this with me, “I would often hear that as a business owner, I needed to be on social media, great. How do I get on this and what do I put on these sights? And more importantly, where am I supposed to find the time? I have new clients to court, current clients who need projects, employees to train, meetings to attend, and now I need to add more to my plate? No thanks, then I met you Michelle, and my life became so much better. You took off my plate what I was dreading doing. You have given me time back in my schedule to prospect new clients from the leads you generated for me. I am able to focus on what I not only love to do but what I am good at doing. I am growing my business, thanks to you.”

Looking back, my first introduction to social media, was MySpace (the original Facebook) and then quickly after, I discovered Facebook.  I was very leery about sharing my life online. As a private person, I was unsure of how I could use them, who would need to know what I did on a particular day.  In time though I gave in to my curiosity and created accounts with both. I loved everything about it, found high school friends that I lost touch with, and was able to keep in touch with family members that I didn’t see all of the time.It would be a few more years before I realized my passion was not just in reconnecting with old friends, but in helping businesses connect with their target market.

It would be a few more years before I realized my passion was not just in reconnecting with old friends, but in helping businesses connect with their target market.

You see in 2009, I was let go from my last corporate job and looking back now, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.  It made me look at my life and realize what I wanted. I knew we were going to start a family and I had to take better care of myself.  I knew I wanted to work from home, in a business that I could help people achieve their goals. I did what I was naturally good at and I did a ton of research online for work-at-home jobs, I kept seeing a term I was unfamiliar with – virtual assistant.  As I dug deeper, I realized it was perfect for me.  A virtual assistant is an administrative assistant- is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. My dream job, utilizing all my skills. Yet something was still lacking. Perhaps it was my need to be creative, I had just discovered Pinterest and unleashed my creative side (anyone else feel the need to say “Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a Pinterestaholic!”). Doing the assigned client work I wasn’t free to be as creative as I wanted to.

13567297_10207682481794644_5529361951437361076_nMy business was only open a year when I had our first child, Michael, who is now 5.  Because I had such a great customer base, I was able to take 2 months off and not have to worry. Once I came back to work, my VA clients were asking me about social media as well as other people I met. I kept hearing the same things, “I don’t know what to do”, “Where do I start”, “How many social media platforms should I be on?” I would calmly answer their questions and help them form a plan, or if need be would take over the managing of their social media. Soon word began to spread and people were coming to me strictly for social media help.

Deep down I knew I needed to make the transition and form Savvy Social Media. With the support and encouragement of my husband (my rock, my cheerleader), I closed my VA business and started truly following my passion, helping people get back their time so they were able to do what they do best.

With being a business owner and a mom, I understand the value of time and it empowers me to give you back yours.  My desire is to help you turn your limitations into strengths, enabling you to have more time to do what you love.  I do this by taking away your frustrations with social media so you can work your business, have more time to meet new clients and have more time with the people you love.

I take you through each step with ease and simplification so you understand social media. 

In 2016, I was named an Up and Coming Business Woman sponsored by the Rochester Women’s Network and Digital Rochester honored me as a finalist for all my hard work in the Technology world at the 2016 Technology Woman of the Year breakfast.

Today, everything I do is about helping small business owners like YOU get results, not run scared from social media.

Social media is crucial to business today—but I don’t believe it needs to be stressful or take up hours of your life.

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Click here to learn more about my “Rent My Brain” two-hour session where you can get all of your social media questions answered as well as set your social media goals, get a better understanding of who your target market is, find out where they are hanging out, and so much more!

Let’s stay connected!

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