If your company wants to showcase specific products or services or target a specific audience, then you want to create LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a great way to highlight your unique brand. These Showcase Pages are extensions of your LinkedIn Company Page. Once they are created, they’ll be listed under “Affiliated Pages” on your main LinkedIn Company Page.

Showcase Pages have the same posting options and analytics as your LinkedIn Company Page. Not sure how to create a LinkedIn Company Page, then read Creating a LinkedIn Company Page here.

Companies with Showcase Pages include:

The Showcase Pages give LinkedIn members a new way to follow your brand, even if they don’t follow your business page.

Creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page

In order to create a LinkedIn Showcase Page, you need to first have a LinkedIn Company Page for your business. Click here to learn how to create one.

Make your way to your LinkedIn Company Page and then click the dropdown for Admin Tools and click on Create a Showcase Page.

Give your showcase page a name and LinkedIn will generate your public URL. Then click on Create page.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Just like creating your LinkedIn Company Page, you have to click on Edit Page to upload your logo and enter your tagline, create your CTA button, add your description, website URL, select your industry and company size, enter your phone number, year founded, add your specialties for this particular Showcase Page, add your location, hashtags and any LinkedIn groups you manage under featured groups.

Create a cover photo for your Showcase Page sized 1128 x 191 px. Canva is a great tool for this!

Once your Showcase Page is created, it will show-up under the Affiliated Pages section of your LinkedIn Company Page. If you want to view what it will look like to members, click on View as member on the top-right.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Post page specific content regularly

Just because Showcase Pages are connected to your LinkedIn Company Page, doesn’t mean you don’t need a content strategy for them.

These pages are all about showcasing an aspect of your brand, so make sure to do just that. And be sure to post regularly.

LinkedIn finds that pages that post weekly have a 2x lift in engagement with content. Keep caption copy to 150 words or less.

It may be appropriate to occasionally share content from your main page, but only if it makes sense. Ideally, LinkedIn members are following all of your pages, so you don’t want to spam them with the same content twice.

Drive engagement with videos

As with most other social media platforms, video wins on LinkedIn, too. Video is five times more likely to start a conversation than any other type of content on LinkedIn.

For an added advantage, try using LinkedIn native video. These videos are uploaded directly to LinkedIn instead of being shared via YouTube or Vimeo. Native videos tend to perform significantly better than non-native video.

If video isn’t realistic for your brand’s social budget, LinkedIn advises companies to try to include an image with every post. Images receive an average of two times more comments than posts without them. But try to avoid stock images and go with something original. Again, Canva is great for creating original images.

Build a Community

The best LinkedIn Showcase Pages are all about connecting like-minded people with each other.

Just because people are following your LinkedIn Company Page does not mean they are automatically following your Showcase Pages so you need to invite your connections to follow your pages. To do this just click on the dropdown for Admin tools and click on Invite connections. You are only allowed 100 credits until they refill so choose your first 100 people wisely.

Start conversations with posts that ask a question, provide tips, or simply deliver inspiring messages. Stay on top of your LinkedIn Analytics to see which posts perform best, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Just another way to grow your business! First your LinkedIn Profile, then a LinkedIn Company page, and now LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

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Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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