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Having a Vision with Your Social Media

Unfortunately, social media can’t be ignored anymore.  People are talking about your brand, your products or services, your competitors, your industry, whether you like it or not.  Instead of ignoring these conversations, wouldn’t you want to jump in and have a say in where that conversation goes? If someone complains about your brand, wouldn’t you want to know why so you can improve in the future.

Facebook – 2.23 billion monthly active users

YouTube – 1.8 billion monthly active users

Instagram – 1 billion monthly active users

Twitter – 335 million monthly active users

Pinterest – 200 million monthly active users

LinkedIn – 260 million monthly active users

Social media is about establishing credibility, KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

During this presentation, people will learn….

  • Why social media is such a vital marketing tool
  • Why they should engage on social media
  • Getting started with social media
  • How to know which social media platforms to use
  • Must do’s for social media

Learn how to establish KNOW, LIKE & TRUST!

How to get a vision for your social media

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