Welcome back to my Facebook Ads Manager blog series!

If you missed part 1, we got to know the Facebook Ads Manager. In part 2, we started setting up your Facebook Ad. Part 3 was all about creating your Facebook Ad. Make sure to read those first before moving forward!

Now that your Facebook Ad has been published, you might find that you need to change something.

To edit an existing Facebook Ad, hover over its name and click on Edit. Facebook will then open the editing area. Here you can edit the campaign, ad set and ad in the same place.

Facebook Ads Manager

The first screen is for the campaign details. Here you can edit the campaign name.

Facebook Ads Manager

You can get to the next section by either clicking on Ad Set at the top or by clicking on the second option on the left hand side. In the Ad Set area, you can edit the name, traffic, budget & schedule, audience, placement, and optimization & delivery.

Next, click on Ad at the top or the third option on the left hand side. Here you can edit the name, identity, the ad image, text, website URL, headline, and call-to-action.

Once you are all set with your changes, hit the green Publish button at the bottom.

When you edit your ad, you don’t have to worry about losing engagement (likes, comments, and shares) unless you are changing photos and/or videos, your ad is a Dynamic Ad, you use an ad post in multiple ads, such as re-promoted ads or the ad post was published or was scheduled to be published.

In the next part of this series, we are going to be looking at the reporting of your ad.

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How to edit your Facebook Ad in the Facebook Ads Manager

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