If I could show you how to have a presence on LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day, do you think you would spend more time on it?

Whether you have a large network on LinkedIn or are just beginning, you likely don’t have a lot of time to invest in LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn ranks as the #1 social network for B2B businesses and can be highly effective for lead generation, often you don’t have the time or the know how.

So, what should you focus on?

LinkedIn Marketing in just 15 minutes a day

Step 1: Look at your connection requests

This is something you should be doing everyday when you first go to LinkedIn. Take a look at the people who want to connect with you and see if they would be a good fit. If you’re not sure if they would be a good fit, review their profile.

Once you accept a connection request, send them a thank you note for connecting with you. Make sure to personalize your message. This helps build that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST factor.

In order to start the engagement process, you could look at their activity and comment on one of their posts.

Step 2: Reply to messages

Review and reply to any new messages you have received. If you are doing this on a daily basis, this shouldn’t take too long.

It is through these conversations that you build relationships and get to know your network (KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST)

Make sure your responses are always professional. These messages are not like Facebook where you can be more personable. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network.

Step 3: Post a status update

Stay in front of your network and gain that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST by taking a minute or two to share a status update every day.

With Facebook, you can share more personal updates, but on LinkedIn you need to share valuable content that your network would be interested in.

You want your content to be of high quality, educational, timely, relevant, non-promotional, and engaging. The types of content you share could be how-to’s, thoughts, insights, stories, tips, etc. If you have your own blog, post an update sharing your blog post to get more viewers to your website. You can also share content from others.

Step 4: Respond to engagement on your content

Take a couple of minutes a day to engage with your network. Engagement is an essential part of the networking and relationships building process.

Start by taking a look at your LinkedIn Notifications. This will show you all of the people who have engaged with your content.

If people have commented on your posts, make sure to comment back.  See if the people who have engaged with your content are in your network. If they’re not, send them a connection request and make sure to mention the content they engaged with. Let them know you are grateful for their engagement.

Step 5: Engage with others content

Networking on LinkedIn, or anywhere for that matter, is not a one-way conversation or effort.

It’s important to engage with the content or updates of your connections. This can be as easy as scrolling through your newsfeed to find a few posts you can like, comment or share.

If there is a particular connection you wish to build a relationship with, check out their activity page on their profile to find their recent status updates and Articles so you can engage with them.

Engaging with your network is a great way for you to get to know your connections and what is important to them. Responding to others content provides a way for you to engage and interact with them.

There you go….LinkedIn Marketing in just 15 minutes a day!

It is important to build and maintain a healthy LinkedIn network and you can easily network like a pro in just 15 minutes a day.

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