LinkedIn has now globally launched LinkedIn Stories.

Stories first started with Snapchat, then came Instagram and Facebook. I hear Twitter is testing a stories tool called Fleets, and Pinterest unveiled Story Pins last week with an invitation-only test.

LinkedIn Stories lets people post videos, images or text to their profiles that disappear after 24 hours. Just like Instagram and Facebook, you can only use LinkedIn Stories on the LinkedIn Mobile App and the stories are only 20 seconds long.

According to a blog post written by Pete Davies, LinkedIn’s leader of the Identity, Search & Content Teams, LinkedIn started asking themselves what Stories might look like in a professional context. “They spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.” Pete wrote, “For example, the sequencing of the Stories format is great for sharing key moments from work events, the full-screen narrative style makes it easy to share tips and tricks that help us work smarter, and the way Stories opens up new messaging threads makes it easier for someone to say, and by the way… I noticed you know Linda, could you introduce me?”

How can you leverage LinkedIn Stories?

  1. Share Q&As – have people send you in questions that you can answer
  2. Share helpful tips – advice, industry news recap, pointers, etc.
  3. Share Testimonials – film your customers giving you a testimonial
  4. Share how your products/services help – how does your product or service solve problems?
  5. Share brand announcements or product news – do this even if you have already shared as an update

With LinkedIn Stories, you have another way to demonstrate your brand’s authenticity, to gain the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST, and show that there’s a human being behind your brand.

How to create LinkedIn Stories

Remember, you can only do this on the LinkedIn Mobile App.

Click on your profile image with the + at the top

LinkedIn Stories

You can either take a picture and add stickers and text or you can upload an image from your phone.

LinkedIn Stories

Once you have the story looking the way you want, click on Share story.

LinkedIn Stories

To keep adding to your story, click on + New story.

LinkedIn Stories

Because this feature is still brand new, I would jump on it now before it really takes off. Get in front of your connections now before they lose track of you.

So will you be using LinkedIn Stories to market your business? Let me know in the comments!

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LinkedIn Stories Available To All Users

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