As you know, social media is always changing and because of that, you are missing out on new features.

In this blog post, I am going to share some of the best LinkedIn tricks you’re not aware of.

LinkedIn Tricks You Are Not Aware Of Yet

Accepting and replying to new connection requests

LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to accept a person’s connection request.

You can now quickly hit Accept and move on to other tasks, but is that the smartest way to build relationships? Remember, social media is about building KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST and you can’t do that if you don’t communicate with your connections. The whole part of LinkedIn is to make connections and engage with those connections in a meaningful way.  It’s focused on growing your professional network, build your personal brand and increase your industry knowledge.

Would it kill you to take a few extra minutes to reply personally to every connection request with a customized message? If you don’t want to accept the connection request, all you have to do is hit Ignore.

LinkedIn Connection Requests

To see all of your connection requests, go to the My Network tab and all of your connection requests will show up.

If the person has sent you a personalized request, you’ll see a See more link in the box. Click this to see their message. Click the Reply to Name link located at the bottom of their message and reply. If they did not send a personalized message and you want to connect with them, Accept their request.

Here is where the KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST come into play. You can send them a welcome message or thank you note after you accept their request. Make sure to personalize it. Type it up in a Word document and then just copy and paste it.

Promote each of your services in your LinkedIn Experience

When I meet with new clients and we are working on their LinkedIn profiles, they never think about showcasing each of their services as their own entity.

Go to your Experience section and click on the + icon to add a new experience. Enter the information LinkedIn is asking for. Make sure you click your current company name so each new experience goes under that company. You can also rearrange the order in which each service appears on your profile.

As you see below, I have my company name , Savvy Social Media, and then there are dots representing each experience, Social Media Coach, Social Media Corporate Trainer, Creator of the Linked How to Make it Rock! Course, LinkedIn Coach, etc.

LinkedIn Experience

Free InMails to LinkedIn Group Members

Take advantage to send up to 15 free messages per month to people that share a LinkedIn Group with you.

Visit your groups and find someone you are not connected to but want to reach out to. Visit their profile and hit the Message button next to their profile picture and connect button.

How big is someone’s network, really?

Have you ever wondered how big someone’s network really is? You may always see that someone has 500+ connections but you don’t know how many they are really connected to.

There is a way to get a pretty good idea of how many connections someone has just by looking at their followers.

Go to the person’s profile page, scroll down to their Activity section, and look at the number of followers they have. This includes the total number of followers, including their 1st degree connections.

LinkedIn Followers

Use the People Also Viewed feature

If you find a good prospect, be sure to check out the People Also Viewed feature down on the right hand side of the page. This can be an excellent source for other prospects. (just a note – not everyone has this feature turned on)

LinkedIn People Also Viewed Feature

While this feature can be handy for you to find prospects, it can also work against you. It can display your competitors to your prospects.

Don’t let people leave your profile and here is how:

  1. Go into your Settings & Privacy by clicking on the down arrow under your profile picture at the top right of your LinkedIn Home Page
  2. Click on Privacy in the top navigation area
  3. Locate Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed in this list
  4. Make sure this is set to No

LinkedIn Privacy Settings

Find warm prospects

If you write articles on LinkedIn, you can see who has reacted, commented, or shared your articles.

These are the people who have interactions with your content that you create. Some of these people could be ideal prospects you have not yet connected with.

Everyone who has interacted with your article can be found by clicking on the information at the bottom of your article – next to the like, comment, and share buttons.

LinkedIn Engagement

You can easily see who you are not connected to. Click on each person you are interested in, go to their profile and see if they are someone you want to connect with. If they are, send them a personalized connection request, thanking them for engaging with your article.

LinkedIn Reactions

You can also see who shared your article by clicking on the View Stats link underneath the article title. Click on reshares to see the list of people who shared your post and their comment about it.

LinkedIn Shares

How to reorder your Skills

  1. Go to your Skills & Endorsement section and click on the pencil
  2. Click on the four lines of the skill you want to move and move it either up or down
  3. The top three are visible first when people scroll through your profile
  4. To remove a skill, click on the trash can icon to the right of that skill
  5. Click Save

Unfortunately, you can’t move skills to other categories. For example, all my skills under Industry Knowledge can’t be moved to Tools and Technologies. LinkedIn put these skills in the category they thought where they belong. You can only reorder the skills in their category.

LinkedIn Skills

Embed social media posts into your LinkedIn Articles

Make your LinkedIn Articles more interesting and engaging by embedding social media posts from Twitter and Instagram.


Start by finding the social media post you want to include. Click on the drop down arrow on that particular Tweet and click on Embed Tweet. A new page will open where you can copy the link.

LinkedIn Embed Tweet

LinkedIn Embed Tweet

Now, go to your LinkedIn Home Page and click on Write an article under the Start a post box.

Click on the +box and click on Links icon. Paste the link you copied from the Twitter page and your Tweet will be embedded into the LinkedIn Article.

LinkedIn Links


Find the social media post you want to embed and click the picture. Copy the URL and then go to LinkedIn Home Page. Click on Write an article under the Start a post box.

Click on the +box and click on Links icon. Paste the link you copied from Instagram and your post will be embedded into the LinkedIn Article.

LinkedIn Embed Post


Will you use any of these tricks to improve your LinkedIn presence?

Did I miss any LinkedIn tricks? Let me know in the comments below.

In my next blog post, I will show you how to work on LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day.

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LinkedIn Tricks You Are Not Aware Of Yet

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