I hear all of the time that people aren’t getting anything from LinkedIn. One reason is that their LinkedIn profile is not optimized so they are not found in a LinkedIn search.

Showing up on page one of a LinkedIn search is so important because then you stand the best chance of getting contacted for new business opportunities.

So, how do you get found on page one of LinkedIn? You need to optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords that you know people are going to use to search for you.

5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search

1. Understanding a LinkedIn search

People search on LinkedIn much differently than they do on Google. When someone searches on LinkedIn, they are looking for a person. When they are searching on Google, they are looking for information.

Let’s say you wanted someone who can help you with creating a social media strategy. If you were searching on Google, you would use this phrase – “how to create a social media strategy.” If you were searching on LinkedIn, you would use these keywords – Social Media Expert, Social Media Coach, Social Media Consultant.

2. Choosing your keywords

Do you know who your target market is? Think about who your ideal customer is and what challenges they are facing. What is their pain point that you address?

If you’ve previously done keyword research for your website, the top-ranking keywords found are a great place to start with your LinkedIn profile optimization. Choose the top two or three and optimize your profile around those.

If you are still stuck on which words to focus on, put yourself in your customers shoes. What words would you use to search for someone who does what you do?

One thing to remember is not to keyword stuff your profile. It will look spammy so no one will KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you.

Some of my keywords are:

  • Social Media Coach
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn Expert
  • LinkedIn Trainer

3. Create your headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the MOST important part of your profile, along with your profile picture. Your headline lets everyone know at a glance exactly what you do – and for whom. It establishes credibility very quickly.

The job of your headline is to grab your potential customers attention right away. Then they’ll want to learn more by clicking on your profile.

Once reserved for a simple title, like CEO, the headline is now a space where you can really sell yourself and your services. Instead of “Health Coach” consider “Health coach for busy moms who want to look better, feel better, and have it all….naturally.” Now readers will know instantly if you are a good fit for them (dads not apply), what you can help with (natural health) and what they stand to gain (looking better).

Keep in mind you need to be concise because you only have 120 characters to get your point across.

4. Add your keywords into other areas of your LinkedIn profile

Besides your headline, you want to include your keywords in other areas of your LinkedIn profile. This will help further optimize your profile in order to be found.

About Section – this used to be called your Summary. This is one of the first things people will read to learn more about you and what you offer. They really want to learn how you can help them. Don’t make the mistake of writing your about section like a resume. Show that potential client why you’re someone worth knowing.

The about section gives people a chance to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you. It should be client focused and include your keywords. It should speak directly to your target market. It can only be 2000 characters long so make sure your potential clients know they are in the right place and that you are the person who can help them with their specific problems.

Current Work Experience – This is another great place to speak to your ideal client and explain why they are in the right place, why you are the right person to help them.

Your current experience should talk about your company and what you offer. Again, you have 2000 characters to fit it all in. Make sure to include your keywords in both the title and the description. Include what you offer, such as services, who you work with and include a call to action.

Past Work Experience – Just like your current experience, add your keywords to both the title and the description of each past experience. You can include up to a paragraph describing what you did and any accomplishments during that time.

Skills Section – This section can increase your level of social proof and improve your search ranking. Your skills are a simple and effective way to building your professional brand and engaging your network. You should include specific skills that showcase your abilities. You can add a maximum of 50 skills. Besides the skills you have, make sure to include the keywords you want to be found for.

Once you’ve added your skills, your connections can endorse you for a particular skill. When a connection endorses you, it strengthens your profile and increases the likelihood that you’ll be discovered for opportunities related to your skills.

5. Use Hashtags in your status updates and Publisher posts

Hashtags are another great way to be found on page one of LinkedIn’s search. When you write a LinkedIn Article or status update that relates to your keywords, add them as hashtags to your posts.

You should also follow hashtags that way you know what people are saying with those hashtags.

Get found easier when you optimize your LinkedIn profile

Remember if you want to be found easier in a LinkedIn search, then you need to take that first step by thinking about your keywords and placing them in the right places. Getting found on page one is not difficult, you just have to take the time to optimize your profile.

Are you like many other people where they are stuck on creating their LinkedIn profile? Did you know I have created the LinkedIn How To Make It Rock! course? Click here for more info.

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