Pinterest has quietly launched a new feature called Pinterest Communities. If you really think about it, Pinterest is more of a visual search engine than a social media platform. Think about how you use Pinterest – you search for ideas on a specific topic and then save it to one of your boards. I think of Pinterest is a giant bulletin board for crafts, recipes, clothes, and favorite things.

What are Pinterest Communities?

Think of it like a Facebook Group for Pinterest! Pinterest wants to be more like a social media platform instead of an image/content only marketing tool. It wants to be a place where users are inspired and take action. With communities, users can enjoy their experience more and become more inspired.

Pinterest communities could be used like groups where you share your new pins. OR you can use communities as an open forum to discuss topics with pinners with similar interests. Sharing pins are a part of the conversation but isn’t the main focus. Pinterest communities can be the perfect place to really connect with your audience. If you create an engaged community around a common interest, you’ll have loyal followers.

What is the difference between Pinterest Group Boards and Communities?

Group Boards were supposed to be a place where people worked together and collaborated but it turned out to be a place where people link dropped and promoted their own things.

With communities, Pinterest is adding a place for discussion. You are meant to interact with others, not just link drop and sell. Ask questions, share pins or photos and engage with people who have the same interests as you.

What are the rules for Pinterest Communities?

Communities have been rolled out very slowly and quietly. Honestly, I found out about communities from a newsletter I got from someone I follow. So, right now, I am still learning but I think they should be the same as a group on Facebook – kind, courteous, motivational, inspirational, engaging, and a place to feel comfortable to learn and engage.

A note from Pinterest:

“We’re always working on ways to help people discover new ideas related to their interests. As part of this, we’re currently testing Communities with a small number of people and will be sharing more information in the coming months.”- Creators Team at Pinterest

How to get the most out of Pinterest Communities?

To be honest, I had a bit of trouble starting out with Pinterest Communities. It took me a good 10 minutes until I was able to start joining communities and creating my own.

When you log onto Pinterest, see if you have the Community tab. If not, then it hasn’t been rolled out to you yet or you need an invite from someone who has a community. See if you can have someone you know who has a community already invite you to theirs. Then you will have access to all the communities. OR you can join my community,!

Pinterest Communities

Once you have access to communities, you can then click on the Community tab. You will see a list of communities you are a part of as well as recommended communities to join. You can also create a community. There is also a search option, but I have been having trouble with that. When I type something in, it says something went wrong and you have to refresh your page. Just hitting the X or the okay button doesn’t work.

Pinterest Communities

When you join a new community, make sure to review the about section. See if that community has any rules or guidelines posted or even has a pinned post at the top of the discussion.

Pinterest Communities

See what other people are sharing in the community and start engaging. Be helpful to other pinners and members. Look around the community and see if people are asking questions. These questions are a great way for you to share pins in reply as a way of helping other members and also sharing your content. But remember, DON’T BE SPAMMY!

Something that is new to Pinterest is that you can share URLs not just pictures.

Want to create your own Pinterest Community?

DO IT NOW!!!! Because this is still new, you have a chance to be the first in your niche. Once you have that name, no one else can use it. My name of my community is “Savvy Social Media“. Not only is that name all mine 😀 I was able to keep it the same name as my business. Once the name “Book Club” is taken, no one else can use it (it may already be taken).

Once you have joined a community, you will have the option to create your own. All you have to do is click on Community at the top of your Pinterest page, and hit the grey Create community button.

Pinterest Communities

When it comes to naming your community, think about what people are going to use to search for you. Think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords.

With the holidays being around the corner and you sell Christmas Crafts, name your community “Christmas Crafts”. That simple. Don’t name it something that is irrelevant to your community because no one will find you.

How many Pinterest Communities can you create?

Because this is still new, Pinterest hasn’t really talked much about communities. I have looked at their Newsroom site as well as done a Google search. The only answer I can find is between 2 to 5. Think of it like a Facebook Group. How many things can you manage? If you have a ton going on with your business and life, then maybe joining groups is the best answer for now.

You have a community, now what?

Start inviting people to your community! At the top of your community, click the person with the + sign. If you are inviting people from Pinterest, type in their name to invite them. You can also share your community to Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email.

Pinterest Communities

Another option is to copy the invite link and send the link out to anyone you want to. Remember when you are inviting people to your community, you need the invite link, not the URL of your community. Again, here’s my invite link – This is the link to my community – Two different links.

How will I know about any activity in my community?

As of right now, there are no notifications if someone joins or leaves your community. However, you will get a notification if someone comments in the community or likes your post. If your community is smaller than 50 people, everyone gets a notification when there is a new comment. Maybe just get in the habit of checking Pinterest everyday either from your desktop or phone, especially if you are the owner of the community.

Can I have a closed Pinterest Community?

Not right now. All Pinterest Communities are open. This could change if this becomes a problem with spammers. Also be aware that people do not need an invite to join your community. Once someone has access to the community tab, they can join any community they want. If that person becomes a problem, you can always ban that user. Just go to the People tab, click the ••• and click on Ban user.

Pinterest Communities

Who can comment in your community?

Because communities are open, anyone can comment on anything, even if they are not a member. Is this the best idea on Pinterest’s part, NO because this leaves it open to spammers commenting on things and sharing bad things. Let’s hope things don’t get too out of hand!

How to start a discussion in a community?

Go to the community you want to start a discussion in and start typing where it has your picture and Start a discussion. You can either add a pin or photo as well as a content and a link. Again, make sure you are following the communities rules and guidelines.

Pinterest Communities

In Conclusion….

Pinterest Communities can be another great way to engage with your audience and gain that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST. What do you think? Comment below!

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