Get all your social media questions answered during this 2 HOUR "Rent My Brain" Session

Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone and pick their brain? Well, now you can!
You will have 2 hours to ask me anything about social media.  We can work on....

  • Your social media goals & figuring out who your target market is
  • Finding out where your audience is hanging out
  • Your social media profiles (creating or improving)
  • Brainstorming ideas on types of content to share
  • And so much more!



Over 2.6 BILLION monthly active users 

  • 1.59 BILLION mobile daily active users
  • 90 million small businesses use Facebook



Over 675 MILLION members 

  • 57% of all LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Number 1 channel used by B2B Marketers to distribute content at 94%


Over 330 MILLION monthly active users 

  • 34% of marketers use Twitter to generate leads
  • 80% active users are on a mobile device


Over 1 BILLION monthly active users 

  • Over 25 MILLION businesses are on Instagram
  • 60% of people say they discover new products



YES, if you....

  • are stressed, frustrated, & overwhelemd with the thought of social media
  • are a beginner or have never touched social media
  • know the importance of having a presence on social media & are willing to commit to this process
  • want to know how to make social media work for your business
  • find it hard to gain the knowledge you need to move forward
  • have been putting this off, hoping things will get easier
  • don't have the time to complete a course, read a book or sit in a room with a bunch of other people


A 30-minute phone call the week before your scheduled "Rent My Brain" Session so we can get to know each other a little bit better, personally and professionally.


2 hours of personalized coaching, where you can ask me anything - nothing is off limits.


Worksheets that will guide you through the social media process as well as a customized Social Media Plan.


  • My e-books, "How to Get a Vision for Your Social Media" and "Get Results with The LinkedIn Planner" valued at $200
  • A half hour follow-up call 2 weeks after our original Session valued at $125

That's a total of $325 in free gifts!!!!



  • Review your current social media strategy and discuss what is working and what isn't
  • Discover what your social media goals are
  • Narrow down your target market and discover where they're hanging out
  • Figure out who your competitors are {even if you consider them mentors/friends}
  • Identify which social media platforms will work for your type of business
  • Create or revamp those social media platforms
  • Brainstorm on ideas on what type of content to share
  • Find free tools to help you manage your social media
  • And so much more!!!!


Depending on if you are from the Rochester, NY area or not....

  • This will be a private one-on-one Session where we work together in person, via phone, or Zoom.
  • When you register, you will be sent an intake form to complete and send back to me.
  • A week before your scheduled Session, there will be a 30-minute call so we can get to know each other better, personally and professionally, and go over your intake form.
  • You will also be emailed a checklist that will tell you what information I will need before our Session.

This Session will be tailored to your specific needs.


Total investment for this "Rent My Brain" Session is $500.

Right now, you have two choices....

  • You can either keep struggling on your own, doing what you're doing and getting the same results
  • OR you can take action today, RIGHT NOW, by investing in "Renting My Brain"!

The choice is yours.

Get started now for only $500



"Michelle is a pleasure to work with.  Resulsts are always beyond expectation. She has a vast knowledge of her craft and services are provided in a prompt, professional and friendly manner. I have referred her to colleagues and family and will continue to do so. She doesn't quit until her clients are happy. Money spent on Michelle's hard work and creativity is always money well spent."

~ Jennifer Isaac - Associate Broker at Nothnagle Realtors

"Lets face it, we all can't be good at social media. While I recommend various social media platforms that I think move my clients' businesses forward, I don't have the depth of knowledge or time to do it expertly even for myself. When I met Michelle I was instantly impressed at how well she carried over her brand into all her social media and internet presence. She unraveled some of the nuances of the social media platforms I was using and guided me to make the most out of each one."

~ Ginny Brandreth - Brandreth Works


Total investment for this "Rent My Brain" Session is $500.

Right now, you have two choices....

  • You can either keep struggling on your own, doing what you're doing and getting the same results
  • OR you can take action today, RIGHT NOW, by investing in "Renting My Brain"!

The choice is yours.

Get started now for only $500



What are the benefits for a Session?

You'll see how social media fits in your business strategy, you'll know how to enhance your company's presence, reach, and engagement on specific social media platforms, and have a simple, actionable social media plan tailored to your specific needs.

How can I keep up with social media changes?

When you register for this "Rent My Brain" Session, you are automatically signed-up for my newsletter.  You can also LIKE my Facebook Page.

What if I want more support?

I offer a variety of programs and coaching services.  If you'd like to discuss this further, we will have time at the end of your Session.


Michelle Arbore

I am the CEO of Savvy Social Media, where I help entrepreneurs and small businesses move past the overwhelm and frustration of social media.  I create customized training to fit your needs, not matter what level your business is at or what industry you are in.  I take you through each step with ease and simplification so you understand this ever-changing social media world.

Because of that, my clients have more time to work on their business and meet new clients, as well as spend more time with the people they love.

I won the 2016 Up & Coming Business Woman Award sponsored by the Rochester Women’s Network and was a finalist for the 2016 Digital Rochester Technology Woman of the Year Award.

I am an International speaker where I present on different aspects of social media.  I have spoken at local networking events, women’s organizations and conferences, numerous chambers of commerce, and have been interviewed for webinars, telesummits, seminars, and podcasts.  I’ve also been published in numerous publications, including a Woman to Watch in my local newspaper and in 3 different city publications of Natural Awakenings (Rochester, Pennsylvania, & Tucson).

On a personal note, I am from Rochester, NY, living with my husband, Aldo, our son, Mikey and our two fur baby cats (Anibel & Mama). I am a survivor of Breast Cancer (diagnosed in October of 2017) and a fighter of Fibromyalgia.

With being a successful business owner and mom, I understand the value of time and it empowers me to give you back yours.  My desire is to help you turn your limitations into strengths, enabling you to have more time to do what you love.

For more information, visit my website by clicking here.


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