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For women who need a community!

What to Expect from the Savvy Women of Social Media Community

Promotion & Spam-Free Zone

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.  No self-promotion, selling or affiliate links are allowed! The community is closely monitored & members who violate this policy are removed immediately without warning.

Celebrate your wins

Come celebrate your wins, not matter how small or big they are.  We have all been there and can relate to what you’re going through.

Make Genuine Connections

This is the place to spark new ideas and friendships.  We encourage members to reach out to one another and make meaningful connections.  This group is about community, connection, and support.  You never know who you might meet!

Get support

This is a safe place for you to ask for help.  There is no judgment and know that we have all been there!

Live Interaction

Interact with the group Live over Zoom & Facebook Lives

Virtual Coffee & Chats

Join us for coffee & chats as we discuss social media, marketing, business, and more. Past chats included topics on creating a social media marketing plan, creating an email list, tutorial on canva, & how to create a LinkedIn profile that rocks!

Virtual Networking

Get to know the women in this great community by networking with them virtually. You never know who you might meet!


Be a part of challenges that will improve your social media & business. Past challenges have included a social media challenge and an upcoming challenge will include my annual 30 Day Business Challenge (starting in November 2020)

Facebook Lives

You never know when I may pop on to chat about whatever comes to mind. It can include welcoming you to the group, quick tips & tricks, something happening in my business, etc. You never know 🙂 

What You’ll Get When You Join

In addition to your free membership to our Facebook Community, you’ll also get:


My “How to Get a Vision for Your Social Media” e-book

Let us help you get a clear vision for your social media.  We take you through ease step with ease and simplification so you understand how to succeed on social media.

Get your free copy now so you can get a clear vision for your social media strategy!

What are your social media goals?

As a business owner, this should be one of the first things you figure out before starting social media.  WHY? Because you need a sense of direction – a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to achieve from your social media.

Who is your target market?

Knowing who your target market is helps you establish your business on social media.  You can have almost any type of business on social media because social media has a large audience of people with real human needs who are waiting for you and your services to satisfy them.

Where is your audience?

Not knowing where your audience is hanging out is a waste of time and energy on your part.  If your target audience is business professionals, you are probably wasting your time on Twitter, because LinkedIn is the #1 business professional social media network out there.  It all comes back to knowing who your target market is.

What are your competitors doing?

Should your business be on social media? If your competitors have an audience on social media, whether it’s 100 people or 100,000, the answer is yes.  Otherwise, your competitors are tapping into a customer base that your business could be completely missing out on.

What type of content are you going to share?

What you share needs to be relevant and useful.  Make sure your updates are interesting and engaging.  Give readers something valuable to take away.  Make them feel educated, involved, important and interested in your company after each interaction.

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Meet The Organizer

Hi, I’m Michelle Arbore!

I am an award-winning social media coach where I help small businesses and entrepreneurs get a presence on social media.  I create customized training to fit your needs, no matter what level your business is at or what industry you are in.

With being a business owner and a mom, I understand the value of time and it empowers me to give you back yours.  My desire is to help you turn your limitations into strengths, enabling you to have more time to do what you love.  I do this by taking away your frustrations with social media so you can work your business, have more time to meet new clients and have more time with the people you love. I take you through each step with ease and simplification so you understand social media. 

I started this community to share, support, and connect with fellow women entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. If that’s you, please join us!

Connect with me

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