Learning to create Facebook Ads can be a bit overwhelming, but once you have set-up a couple of them, you’ll be good to go.

Once you hit that green +Create button, you are off and running!

Facebook Ads Manager

You will see a screen where you can choose how you want to create your ad campaign – complete campaign or a shell. For this blog post, we are going to select the guided creation button. If you are unsure which option to choose, click on Having trouble selecting a creation method?

Facebook Ads Manager

Campaign Objective

Now you can choose what your marketing objective is. What is the ultimate goal for creating your Facebook Ad?

Do you want people to notice your business through brand awareness, reach, or video views?

Do you want people to engage by learning what you offer? You can grow engagement through app installs, website clicks, app engagement, lead generation, pages posts, event responses, offers, video views, or messages.

Do you need people to act through purchases, signups, and more? Then you need boost conversions by website visits, apps, catalog sales, store visits or offline conversions.

Facebook Ads Manager

For this example, I am going to pick Traffic. Give your campaign a name as well as pick Create Split Test and/or Budget Optimization.

Creating an Ad Set

Now it’s time to create a new ad set. Here you’ll pick where you want your traffic to go, create an offer, choose your audience, pick where you want your ad to show up, and pick your budget and when you would like your ad to appear.

Facebook Ads Manager

Target Audience

When creating the ad set, make sure your audience you will show this ad to matches your offer. You wouldn’t want to advertise the same offer to every single person in your sales funnel. Those people all have different problems and expectations for your product. It should be a priority to define your target market’s persona so you can create and ad based on your audience’s personalities and expectations.

You can either create a new audience or use a saved one you already created. Either way, pick your location of where you want the ad to appear (United States), the age range of people who will see your ad, gender, language, and then detailed targeting. Here, you can type in a word and see what Facebook suggests. In mine, I typed in Business and I was able to choose Small Business Owners, Business-to-Business, Business, and Small Business. You can select as many words that will match the audience for this particular ad. Once you are done picking your audience, click the Save This Audience button.

Facebook Ads Manager

Ad Placement

Now you want to pick where you want your ad to appear. I always pick Automatic Placement so Facebook will maximize my budget and help show my ad to more people. Not only will your ad show up on Facebook (feed, right column, marketplace & stories), but it should show up on Instagram (feed & stories) and Messenger (inbox & sponsored messages.

Budget & Schedule

The last step to creating your Ad Set is defining how much you want to spend and when you would like your ad to appear.

There are two types of budgets:

  • Daily Budget – the average amount you are willing to spend on an ad set or campaign every day
  • Lifetime Budget – the amount you are willing to spend over the entire run-time of your ad set or campaign

Make sure to pick the one that will work for you because once the ad is created, you can’t change the type of budget.

You can create an ad for as little at $10 just to see how it does. Especially if this is your first ad, I would start low and then if it works great, re-create the ad with a bigger budget. Decide if you are going to run your ad continuously or set a start and end date. Once you do that, Facebook will show you what you will spend during that time frame.

Facebook Ads Manager

Optimization for Ad Delivery

Choose how you want Facebook to deliver your ad to people based on what you are trying to achieve with your ad. Facebook will then show your ad to the people most likely to get you the outcome you are looking for. If you are choosing to optimize your ad for link clicks, then Facebook will deliver your ad to people likely to click your link.

For the best results, pick the optimization method that fits your advertising goal.

Facebook Ads Manager

As you are setting-up your ad, Facebook shows you the potential reach of your ad as well as your estimated daily results. Make sure you are taking these numbers into consideration before moving onto the next step.

Facebook Ads Manager

That is where we will pick-up next week! We will start creating your Facebook Ad.

See you then!

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Setting up your Facebook Ad in the Facebook Ads Manager

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