I love this time of year because I am able to get rid of a ton of stuff that no longer works for me or is going to take me further on my journey.  What about you?

When it comes to spring cleaning, typically we think about our house, but why not our blog and social media?

It’s time to get rid of the clutter, get organized and lead a more productive life! Who’s with me  🙂

Let’s start with your blog:

  • Make sure your branding is consistent throughout – images, fonts, colors, headshot, logo, etc.
  • Update your About Page
  • Go through your website and fix any broken links – use the plugin Broken Link Checker
  • Do you have social sharing tools? – If not, find a plugin that fits you – I use Social Warfare
  • Clean up your sidebar – keep it simple – I have a little introduction about who I am, a Book Appointment button so people can schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session, an Opt-in to my newsletter, a Search box, and my Recent Posts
  • Make sure you have replied to all of the comments – great for engagement
  • Add ALT TEXT to all of your images because this is so important for SEO
  • Go through your plugins and deactivate or delete the ones that no longer serve purpose

Here are some of the Plugins I use:

Now, we’ll move onto spring cleaning your Social Media:

  • Update your passwords – you should be updating them at least once a quarter that way nobody can hack into your accounts – if you hate doing this, try the FREE Dashlane Password Manager  – not only does it store your passwords safely, it will also generate strong passwords for you – if you purchase the Premium plan you can sync all of your devices – I would also have two-factor authentication by using Google Authenticator
  • Update your Social Media bios
    • Facebook Personal Profile by linking your business page
    • Facebook Business Page – Story, Category, Business Info, Contact Info & More Info
    • LinkedIn Profile – About, Experience, Headline, Skills, Ask for Recommendations
    • Twitter Bio – use hashtags (#)
    • Instagram Bio – include a link that directs people to something (website, free offer, blog, event, etc.)
    • Pinterest Bio – make sure to include your website
  • Update your Profile Pictures and Cover Photos – include a call to action in your Facebook Cover Photo
  • Always engage with your followers by responding to comments, liking and retweeting
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How To Spring Clean Your Blog & Social Media

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