You may have heard me say, “social media is about building KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST.”  This can happen by sharing relevant, useful, engaging, educational, and valuable content.  By doing this, people will see that you are the expert in your field and then they will want to reach out to you.

Here is a great list of types of content you can share:

  • Motivational Quotes (create graphics and brand it with your logo – try Canva)
  • Offer a freebie such as a download or printable (give it away without an opt-in)
  • Promote your business by sharing a product or talk about a service you offer
  • Helpful tips such as strategies, quick tricks, or something that makes lives easier (think about your customer’s pain point and address it)
  • Videos introducing you, offering tips or training
  • After you blog, share something intriguing about it and the link to it
  • Relevant articles, current news in your industry and information
  • Create custom graphics or infographics
  • Pictures showing behind the scenes (you working at an event or your desk)
  • Provide a live training sharing your expertise (take advantage of Facebook Live)
  • Offer a discount to your products or services
  • Ask questions for feedback
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Show your personal side by sharing family photos or a day in the life (show people there is a human being behind your brand)

For a printable version of this list, click here!

Different themes for each day:

If you want to spice up your #socialmedia a bit, create a theme for each day. #SavvySocialMedia Click To Tweet

By using hashtags in your posts, someone can find your profile by doing a hashtag search and then they will most likely follow you.  If you want to use #’s for your niche, then just do a Google search for your niche (social media hashtags or cooking hashtags).


  • #MondayMotivation
  • #HappyMonday
  • #MusicMonday
  • #MeowMonday
  • #ManicMonday
  • #MondayBlues
  • #ManicureMonday


  • #TransformationTuesday
  • #TravelTuesday
  • #TuesdayTreat
  • #TuesdayBoozeDay


  • #HumpDay
  • #WebinarWednesday
  • #WednesdayWisdom
  • #WineWednesday
  • #WisdomWednesday
  • #Women2Follow
  • #HealthyHumpDay
  • #WellnessWednesday
  • #WomanCrushWednesday
  • #WoofWednesday


  • #TBT
  • #ThrowbackThursday
  • #ThankfulThursday
  • #ThirstdayThursday
  • #ThursdayFunDay
  • #ThursDate


  • #FlashbackFriday
  • #FBF
  • #FridayFavorite
  • #FridayFunDay
  • #FridayReads
  • #FridayNight
  • #TFIG
  • #FF
  • #FollowFriday


  • #Caturday
  • #SexySaturday
  • #SaturdaySwag
  • #SaturdayShenanigans
  • #SaturdayNight


  • #SelfieSunday
  • #SS
  • #SinDay
  • #SundayFunday

Here are some useful Hashtag tools:

Different types of graphics you can create:



Blog Feature Image….

As you can see, each image is branded with my logo, website and my hashtag (#SavvySocialMedia).  All I did was create a template and change it whenever I need to.

Now that you have some ideas on types of content to share, get sharing! Go right now!

In my next blog post, I am going to talk about Social Media Safety for You and Your Business.

Until then, Keep Calm & Love Social Media!

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Types of Content to Share on Social Media

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