LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 706 million members worldwide in more than 200 countries.

It’s a way to build credibility and demonstrate your expertise. If you have an incomplete profile, that shows a lack of credibility and professionalism. With first impressions going a long way, it’s important to get yours right the first time.

The first step in creating a great impression is through your LinkedIn profile picture. If you were looking to hire someone and didn’t see a profile picture on their LinkedIn, would you give them a second thought? Probably not. Not having a profile picture sends a message that you don’t care enough about yourself or the company you may own or work at. It shows lack of credibility and people won’t take you seriously. It means a prospective boss or client will pass you by.

So, instead of seeing a profile with that blank silhouette, put a face to your name and to your expertise.


No LinkedIn Profile Picture


LinkedIn Profile PictureHaving a profile picture brings your story to life and lets people know you are real.

How do you go about doing that?

  • Your profile picture should portray you in a professional manner but still show you as personable
  • If you can, get a professional headshot taken by a photographer. Then your headshot can become part of your brand. You should use the same one on all of your social media networks. The more people see you in their newsfeed, the familiar you are going to become. That is how you build credibility – KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.
  • You want to use a good, close-up picture that stands out
  • Make it unique while maintaining a professional appearance

Something to remember – people with a profile picture receive 14 times more profile views and drives higher overall engagement.


LinkedIn Profile Picture

I’ve seen so many profiles of moms and their kids or a picture of someone and their spouse. I’ve also seen a lot of profiles with a sunset or travel shot. You have to remember, LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet – not a personal site like Facebook, so save those family and travel photos for there.

When it comes to uploading a profile photo to LinkedIn, here is what they recommend:

  • Maximum file size is 8MB
  • Pixel size is 400 x 400
  • They recommend adding a photo that won’t require much cropping. You can adjust the photo after it has been uploaded.
  • File type must be PNG, JPG, or GIF

Here’s how to add or change your LinkedIn profile photo:

  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  • Click View profile
  • Click on your profile photo near the top of the page. You can also click the pencil Edit icon to the right of your profile image and then click on the pencil Edit icon on your photo to access the photo editing page.
  • From there, you can
    • edit your profile photo with photo filters
    • change the position and size by dragging the photo
    • choose what your preview photo will look like
    • change your profile picture by clicking Change photo, selecting an image from your library, and then clicking Apply
    • edit the visibility of your photo

In Conclusion….

I hope this helps when it comes to improving your LinkedIn profile. Remember, you are trying to make a great first impression.

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What you need to do for your LinkedIn Profile Picture

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